A new way to think about your work space.

JewelersCad   $150.00

   J-cad movers are fast  and enables more creative freedom. Giving the designer free hand movement in six axis’s "sticky to the mouse".  While simultaneously being able to right mouse click & drag  changing the viewing angle zooming in & out,  Snapping to different tangent points.

We think in the perspective view . Working in multiple view ports is frustrating and time consuming

      With the J-cad movers you work in the first person. working exclusively in the perspective view. Not a builder on the side, manipulating a slider. Gumballs are clumsy at best, for instance no control over Osnap tangent points.
   JewelersCad  was spawned by the need of a quality cost-effective jewelry program. I was not satisfied with what was available and there accelerated prices .
   Your purchase will help to continue making a better product with free updates and student prices.